JJJJound pop-up in Montreal

It came in the form of a buddy DM from Toronto, You wouldn’t have any information on where these might be sold would you?, and right then I knew that the nature of the inquiry had a location-based aspect to it. Seldom do I get asks from Toronto friends unless there is a drop happening of the Montreal-Only variety. A couple of scrolls up to the picture and it’s a screenshot from the Vans Canada Instagram hinting at a sneaker collaboration as part of the PATIENCE collection with Montreal heavy hitter, Justin Saunders. The caption reported a release at an undisclosed location in Montreal… And Boom! Intrigue shifted to full attention with the promise of a Montrealers only access (for now…), and a shoe silhouette I definitely could get down to rocking.

As the opening day crept closer, we would be revealed more and more info.  Plans were made to visit the store the morning of its opening, with the main purpose of picking up a pair for a good friend, and then to take a few shots of the set up. If you do not know of Justin Saunders, a quick google search will tell you much about his creativity and visions. People with high levels of artistic energy always fascinate me, so my mind was at the ready to absorb the set up of the whole shop!

In we go and the space is impressive, clean and enlightening. The second floor is where you’re able to view the product and order any shoes, accessories, or clothing you wish to own. That’s right, order… You don’t actually leave with the shoes in hand, you place your order, pay, and expect the package within the week. The whole process just adds to the inventive vibe of the pop-up.

Visit the JJJJound pop-up shop while you can for the next two weeks at 102 Avenue Laurier O. Montreal H2T

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