Under Armour Curry 5 “Pi Day”


March 14 or 3.14 is recognized around the world as Pi Day and for us sneaker fans, Stephen Curry’s birthday. The reference to Pi, the mathematical constant that cannot be expressed as a common fraction, asks your mind to understand that which is irrational, exceptional, a very appropriate liking to Stephen Curry’s impact on the game of basketball. 40 foot pull up jumpers,  a unanimous MVP award, multiple championships, all from a smaller market college player turned All-Star Game captain. Curry’s journey is often thought of as impossible.

The Curry 5 debuts on March 14 with the Pi Day colourway, taking inspiration from the Pi equation of “squaring the circle”. The breakdown of the Curry 5’s blueprint shows circular constructions built from heel to toe, framing 90 degree angles of the shoe. Focusing on playing mainly of the toes of the wearer, the Curry 5 offers controlled containment in the heel and the forefoot lateral wall to lock the foot in position while you dance around your opponents. the squaring circle is also represented on the outsole with a full ground contact traction system that allows you to shift without sliding within fractions of a second.

This Black Iron/Metallic colourway of the Curry 5 Pi Day also features 3.14 aestetic references from aglets, to the knit, to the  outsole.  314 pairs of the Curry 5 “Pi Day” colourway launched at SC30-v5.com for $160. Look for a wider release online around April 14.

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