Native Apollo #KeepItLite

We were recently invited to the Launch event for the Native Apollo at Off The Hook boutique in Montreal. The Apollo Moc is a low cut, minimalist take on the traditional moccasin, focused on functionality, suped up with stylistic tech. When we picked up the shoe for the first time, we couldn’t believe how lite it was. My immediate process was to figure out when I would be able to wear this type of footwear. I imagined the Moc to be a perfect go-to for casual wears with long walking scenarios. It was lightweight and well constructed, so I easily saw myself carry them in my pack for travel or just as a backup when my feet would just need to chill.





As launch events go, the Native Apollo event was one of my favorites. A display table near the front of the shop presented us the new Native Apollo in two different models with its different colors. In the middle of the shop, we had a table full of goodies and sweets for any one to grab with a little bag. Off to the side, we had a refreshments table, with some complimentary beer and a dope blue lemonade concoction. At the back of the shop, they had a table set up to display the early sketches describing the evolution of the Moc. A prototype and and first mold of the shoe was also on deck for us to get a glimpse of the technical aspects included in the construction of the shoe.



A very complete, informative and engaging launch event. We had many questions about the initial concepts of the Moc and Chukka versions of the Apollo, about what was next in terms of colorways and special make-ups of the shoe to come. Native Shoes is such a great brand, offering such solid footwear that whispers of simplicity, but that is in no way simplistic.

Find the Apollo Moc HERE or at your local Native Shoes stockist.







Process Shot SS15-1

pencil_sketchesProcess Shot SS15-8Process Shot SS15-7




Process Shot SS15-2Process Shot SS15-3Process Shot SS15-4Process Shot SS15-5Process Shot SS15-6

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