calgary 2neaker swap photo recap

   If you build it they will come.

 Lexington Ave in the house.

   Hustlin’ hustlin.

  Legal Hustle x 403K Films 


 Gravity Pope.
 The Source.

 J. The Ripper, if you don’t know you better google somebody.
Balenciaga inspired, full Italian leather from the toe to the insole Ewings.

   Shoutout the homie Fallsy Customs, good dude.

 Son Real Vans he made for the man himself.
   Boost is life.

 I wanted this whole section.
   Variety is key.



 Eye spy.


 Squad all smiles.
   Keepin the kids rockin.

 Keepin the kids fresh.
 And the winner is …  

 This guy
   This guy

 This guy
  This guy won Yeezys tho.

 No caption needed

 In the same place at the same time
   Nice kicks

 Well done

 So much better than the high
   So much better than the black
 All white everything 

   I need a pair
 A family that Jays together …

   … Stays together

 This guy wins, winner winner chicken dinner  
 When doves cry

   Damn Daniel … Plus tax, surcharge and customs 
 And one!

   He feels like Kanye 
 So do they

   Wifey material
 Thought I was the only one wearing these

   Loves the kids
Golden couple
The Ripper strikes back

  My favourite from the pack


   Shoutout Puma
 All day I dream about 

Word to Corey Jo
  Cute AF
 Again cute AF

 OG triple OG

  Much love to these ladies.

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