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TORONTO – As a self-proclaimed sneakerhead who has seen the culture grow through the ages, there is one feeling that continues to disappear with the constant evolution: the feeling of seeing a pair of shoes for the first time in person. With the growth of digital media platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat, it is becoming increasingly difficult (damn near impossible) for an individual to NOT see a pair of shoes online before they see it in person. This type of remark makes me feel like an old head, but photos and videos of new releases do not give off the same type of feeling.

After coming back from a two-week vacation, I came home to a surprise package from the good people at Foot Locker Canada & PUMA and had absolutely no idea what could be inside the box. Upon opening the large delivery box, I was excited to see the PUMA Lab powered by Foot Locker box but I still had no clue what was inside. Could it be a classic silhouette like the Clyde or could it be a newer style silhouette like the Blaze of Glory? I slid the box open and there it was, a pair of shoes from PUMA that I have never seen before, a pair of the PUMA IGNITE evoKNIT in the all-red colourway. This organic feeling of discovering a pair of fresh shoes and getting to appreciate them in real life is exactly the type of feeling that I have been craving.

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The IGNITE evoKNIT’s offer a combination of both of PUMA’s newest technological advances in the IGNITE midsole and evoKNIT upper. The knit-upper features an ankle sock-like collar that is equipped with pull-tabs on the front & back of the collar, as well as a nylon strap going across the shoes which are also used as additional lace loops. The evoKNIT uppers are fantastic with the knit pattern being very consistent and the pattern also becoming tighter around the parts that need the additional support, specifically around the ankle and back of the shoes.

The IGNITE midsole is another one of PUMA’s latest innovations that makes the shoes very well cushioned, but still responsive. The responsiveness comes from the EVA foam that is used on the IGNITE evoKNIT but it is more commonly seen on other PUMA runner models. The grooved midsoles have fantastic feel without the midsoles feeling mushy or stiff, and there is also a slight raise in the heel portion of the midsole giving the shoes a very dynamic feel. With performance still on the mind, there is also a feature placed on the insole, often a forgotten dimension, with the addition of extra cushioning on the heel-area of the insole.

You will be able to find the PUMA Ignite evoKNIT’s at select Foot Locker locations, PUMA Labs, as well as PUMA.ca.

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