adidas EQT Collection Launch by Foot Locker Canada – MONTREAL

The anticipation was peculiar. For days, we had seen photos of adidas’ new EQT Collection, but to be invited by Foot Locker Canada to be put face to footwear at the launch event always gives me a new perspective on how I value the shoes. You see, the choice of turbo red as the main signature feature of this new imagining of this EQT Collection shouts “Look at me!”. And as you can tell by the name of the blog, we are not ones to shy away from puffing out our chests and moving down the street with a walk best described as a strut. So there… Members of The Brag Affair invited to release day celebrations in two different cities! It offered us the unique opportunity to present you with prolonged perusals from two points of view.


My afternoon started with finding a great parking spot in downtown Montreal, just a half block away from the Foot Locker on Ste-Catherine St O. I could actually story my walk up to the store without having to fake one for the grams. Once you step into the store, you are immediately drawn to the right side of the space where pure activities are bumping. The slick barber setting up a lucky customer, two happy shoppers challenging each other over the NES console, DJ Yo-C straight leading the attendees through a mellow and energized vibe, and then the shoes. BAM! BAM! Two models with high frequency turbo red in prominence… BAM! BAM! Two models with such tonal tendencies that you can’t but pin the hardest of rolls in anticipation of sick shots.

What is a mans to do when faced with choices that lead to such different trend paths. The fact that variations of this one form, the EQT, can deliver so many silhouettes and designs, each of which having commendable effects to the desire to stand out, just furthers the point that adidas has figured out the formula.

fullsizerender7 unnamed111

I had the hardest time choosing the pair I would take home, and even with Foot Locker bag in hand and a half step out the door, I looked back quick to check the other styles one last time. It wasn’t buyers remorse, or the feel of leaving a Foot Locker party as it was still jumping, the sneakerhead in me was just mapping out the next move to acquire the next EQT… Tout ce qui est essentiel Et rien de plus


Thank you Foot Locker Canada for the hospitality and the amazing set up at the store!

Be sure to drop by Foot Locker to pick up your pair of adidas EQT from their new collection.

unnamed117 unnamed116 fullsizerender8 unnamed114 unnamed115fullsizerender6

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