Under Armour Canada presents UA ICON customization platform


As customization platforms go, one often experiences a sharp moment of anxiousness right before they present you with a blank silhouette and the design options begin to unravel. You never know how far and how deep you are allowed to go in the personalization of a sneaker. In comes Under Armour and their first custom shoe platform, the UA ICON. Under Armour Canada gave me the opportunity to customize a pair of sneakers. I picked from three available basketball iterations; the Curry 1, the Curry 1 Low, and the Drive 4. I chose to custom a UA ICON Curry 1 Low, because I remember picking up two pair of the Curry 1 Low for my buddy out West and having feels of saltiness over not getting a pair for myself! Hah! I started the process and one week later, I was still undecided on my final design, because, honestly, the options are so so many… … like, it’s insane!

Here is what Under Armour says about the UA ICON process, try to guess which one blew my mind:
INFINITE POSSIBILITIES IN IMAGE UPLOADS: Like never before, upload a picture or image, move it around, shrink it or grow it. It’s that simple.
CUSTOMIZABLE PATTERNS: These are prints that let you pick your own colours & change the size & direction. We’re just giving you the start, you make it yours.
LIMITED-EDITION PRINTS: We’ve collected this season’s best prints so you can tie your shoes to your gear…but they won’t be around forever.
ANY COLOUR YOU WANT: Gone are the days where you’re limited to a couple options—we’re expanding the palette with a giant array of colours.
Trust, this is game-changing. Every feature is exactly what I would have hoped for and more, but don’t take my word for it, go ahead and check it out for yourselves UA ICON at UA.com and show us what you designed!

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