Converse x Slam Jam x Cali Thornhill Dewitt


To cap off 2017, Converse teamed up with Italian streetwear powerhouse Slam Jam and American visual artist Cali Thornhill Dewitt to celebrate the importance of freedom of creative expression through a capsule collection which focuses on urban utility and creative freedom.

The collaborative project features premium apparel and footwear options that are inspired by convertible modular systems to deliver innovations with expressions of utility. The shoes from the collection, the Chuck ’70 Hiker, is inspired by the Yosemite Hiker from the 1970’s that was originally ‘rebuilt’ by stitching together old military pieces.

The Converse x Slam Jam x Cali Thornhill Dewitt features a patchwork-like design on the upper, with different materials and colours in a monotone palette, and dual-tone outsole made of strong rubber to ensure longevity. The usage of Gore-Tex is prominent throughout the upper and the addition of an extra inch of height, additional eyelet, and narrowed eye rows provides a modern take on the Yosemite Hiker with an update in security and stability.

Cali Thornhill Dewitt’s message, Your Silences Gets You Nothing, can be seen on the insoles of the shoes where his notorious all-caps punk style is translated in English, Farsi, Italian, Korean, French, Russian, and Hebrew. This thoughtful provocation from Dewitt celebrates the importance of freedom of creative expression, as functionality means nothing if it’s creatively limiting.

The 17-piece capsule collection is built with cross-functionality in mind, featuring layering options from short sleeve Converse Essentials jersey tee, long sleeve thermals, hoodies, and the pinnacle Gore-Tex utility jacket.

The Converse x Slam Jam x Cali Thornhill Dewitt is now available at, Livestock, and Haven.

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