The UA HOVR Phantom Lifts You Up


Following the launch of Under Armour’s latest innovation in cushioning technology, UA HOVR, we were asked to describe what lifts us up! Before we get right to it, let us tell you what Under Armour has to say about the UA HOVR:
This new pinnacle cushioning system absorbs the impact an athlete’s body would normally feel, aiding in comfort and keeping your legs fresh for the road ahead.

In a sneaker world that can see all sorts of different shades, its refreshing to see a shoe that asks you to focus on what lifts a person and the people around them. For what we aim to do in the sneaker community, the opportunity to speak and affect many perceptions or just one other person’s opinion charges me up and lifts me higher. Whether it be crisply hitting a standard shot or developing far out concepts to incline others to see how far they can go, showing the beauty of a sneaker is what lifts me up!

The UA HOVR platform is launching with two running styles — the UA HOVR Sonic and UA HOVR Phantom, find them on .

Thank you, UA for the opportunity!

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