Kicks Convo 4.25

Our last few sneaker meet-ups all had some sort of theme to them. The one in March had the most precise sneaker-wear requirements as it was taking place on Air Max Day when we held a very enriching Air Max Day Supper at Junior Filipino Restaurant .

This most recent Kicks Convo was held at a downtown coffee shop with an open call to any sneaker enthusiast in the city. There was no theme provided for the meet, just show up if you felt like mixing it up with a few others of the same mindset. As the day of the gathering approached I wondered what people would be wearing and subsequently what I would be wearing. When you’re going to meet a bunch of sneaker people, you definitely strategize on which on-foot shoe is going to represent you. I thought about it, then thought about it some more, then didn’t want to think about it anymore, because I wanted to be cool about it and not put too much effort into it… I ended up bringing three pairs of shoes with me that day to work and I figured I’d figure it out at the time of the meet.

We got a good turn out for an impromptu meet, about 14-15 people. The choice of sneakers by each participant told of a short story as the meet played out in front of me: Nike iDs for the ones that wanted to ensure that no one was going to twin up to their choice of footwear, the latest Saucony collabo to sell out at one of the local shops because nothing beats a new shoe, the Jordan banger that never loses its place in sneaker lore, that shoe that just flows into the day’s outfit so well that you just leveled up its position in other’s want lists. The best story for choice of the day was about having to wear a backup pair to the Kicks Convo because a DS pair of Tiffs was put in the trunk instead of a worn pair (hate when that happens! Hah!).

Browse through the photos taken by TheBragAffair’s own, Clo, and look for us the next time we all get together for some Kicks Conversation.









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